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Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy...

...okay, I'll stop it with the The King & I.

But I thought it might be nice to have a little thread where we can let each other know a bit more about ourselves. I don't mean putting up scans of our birth certificates or credit card details, but just a little more about who you are, what you do, that kind of thing.

Of course, there may already be a thread like this floating around elsewhere; I don't know. But I find you all interesting people, and as such, I'd like to know more about you. smile

Oh, I guess that means I should start on myself. My name's Julian, I'm 24 and engaged, currently living in Adelaide (very temporarily; moving back to Melbourne in just over a month, though I did grow up here). I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching, which is interesting (though ironically enough, the education staff aren't terribly good at teaching). My Arts majors are both English related; I may still pick up some History or International Studies in the future, and I've done some German in the past.

As for music, my first *real* album was Garbage's self-titled; my first gig was Garbage, supported by Ash and Pollyanna (which I realise, 13-odd years on, is actually pretty good for a first gig). I really got into music through Triple J, in particular the Net 50 in the mid-late 90s. I got into The You Am I somewhere between #4 Record and ...Saturday Night, 'round Ten, since the latter was their first album I distinctly remember buying (and coincidentally, the live version of 'Trike' was playing on iTunes whilst I wrote this). The first actual LP I picked up was a Doctor Who music record. Don't hold it against me. :p

Music wise, I love me my guitar-based rock'n'roll (and have been playing geetar for, ooh, nearly 12 years now?). Out of the Stones and the Beatles I'd pick the Beatles (just), and am still educating myself on all various forms of music from all eras (and most genres).

And the best gig I've ever been to was probably the Luxury of Hysteria album launch in Melbourne, though at the first Temp Union show in Adelaide (back in 03?), I did get hang out backstage with Shane, Stu and Ian for an hour or so, which was sweet.

Fuck me, that's a lot of twaddle. Anyone else game...? You don't have to be quite so detailed. wink

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Mr Kermode
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Re: Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy...

Ok I've got a spare five mins so I thought I'd chime in. Good idea for a thread imo sqrnookle, I'll try to go by your criteria.

My name is Chris, 22 years old, single, live in Newcastle, NSW. Currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Laws / Diploma of Legal Practice at the University of Newcastle, and will be moving to Sydney at the start of next year to start a job I've got lined up in a law firm there.

First album: Rod Stewart - Vagabond Heart (on cassette, I still think he rocks by the way) Oasis - Morning Glory (on CD)

First major gig: Creed at the Newcastle Ent Cent in March 2002 I think (kind of a late bloomer gigs wise. First gig was probably a Peter Combe concert in Newcastle when I was young.

Got into You Am I: once again, a really late bloomer, not til 2004.

First YAI gig: September 2004, Cambridge Hotel Newcastle.

Best YAI gig: In my opinion, they havent topped the way they played at Sydney Big Day Out 2007. They were fuckin' on. Honourable mention to Sydney Metro show 16 November 2007.

Stones or Beatles: definitely the Stones. Own everything they have put out. Also have a lot of bootlegs and even own a couple of albums twice! Have seen them live twice, in 2003 and 2006. I'm completely obsessed.

Best gig ever: Jeez that's so hard, there's so many. Aside from YAI gigs, Iron Maiden Sydney Night 1 2008, Rolling Stones Sydney Superdome Night 1 20/2/03, Oasis Civic Theatre Newcastle 14 October 2003, Black Crowes this year were great. I'll stop there!

Favourite Album Ever: Toss up between the Stones' Exile on Main Street and Hourly Daily.

Other favourite bands: Stones (see above), and I'm also completely obsessed with KISS, maybe more-so than the Stones if that's possible. I fuckin hate what they have become though and think they should have pulled the plug in 2001. Tommy Thayer Sucks! Also, Black Crowes, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, The Faces, The Band, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, a shit load of 80's hair bands, The Who. Locally: Dallas Crane, The Pictures (duh!), Hell City Glamours, 67 Special, too many to mention!

Other Interests: study (I do way too much of it), play soccer and indoor netball, long walks on the beach.

Wow, that was long.

The sunshine bores the daylights out of me




From: The Dirty South, NSW
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Re: Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy...

I'm Shanti, aged 22. I live on the South Coast of NSW, or the dirty south as friend from the upper area of Marrickville calls it.
Within the first few seconds of talking to me people find out that I'm a band photographer. I hope to start my own studio soon. I said that three years ago.

I got into music through Triple J too. At age ten The Living End was my favourite band. Despite seeing a band every weekend I've never seen them live. My first album was The Living End's self titled.

Since my late teens I've been into punk/hardcore but that changed after the first couple of gigs I shot for Roadhouse Music. I started to get into some indie bands, but liked bands like Dallas Crane and You Am I over Red Riders or [insert Interpol wannabe band here].

I like many different music genres now. Still love my punk rock, but I'm open to anything.

Hard to say what the best gig has been. The most recent one was Uncharted live Grand Finals. Not really a gig but got to hang out with Avalon Drive and bitch about the indie scene with Pete Hume from Evermore. Good times...
The best band ever live was Brand New. It could have been the 3 Guinesses or 4 vodkas in my system but I literally stopped breathing.

Other bands I like: A good list here:

Favourite album ever: War All the Time by Thursday or Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent by Refused or Lack - Blues Moderne.

Best You Am I gig was defintely at The Roadhouse.

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Re: Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy...

I'm Rivqa, 26, raised in Melbourne but living in Sydney since I got married almost 6 years ago. We have a 2-year-old daughter and I work as an editor.

First album: If we exclude Take That as a preteen, it was either August and Everything After (Counting Crows) or Frogstomp (silverchair), I can't quite remember.

First major gig: silverchair at the Palace in Melbourne in 1994, with Ammonia and Acer. It cost $13 and was awesome.

Got into You Am I: Via silverchair, 94 or 95. The first YAI song I heard was Jewels and Bullets.

First YAI gig: December 2005, at Greville Records.

Best YAI gig: Quite possibly the first one, or maybe last year at the Metro, I loved that one. And it was awesome to see them at the Prince of Wales in Melbourne, was that 2001?

Stones or Beatles: Stones. Sexier and I can even play some of their songs on guitar.

Best gig ever: Not including YAI, Crowded House (with Davey!) was fantastic.

Favourite Album Ever: Tough one... maybe Luxury of Hysteria. Or Hourly, Daily.

Other favourite bands: Beatles, Bic Runga, Counting Crows, Crowded House, Dire Straits, Evermore, Fountains of Wayne, The Killers, Lazy Susan, Leonard Cohen, Leonardo's Bride, Pink Floyd, Powderfinger, Regina Spektor, Rolling Stones, silverchair, the Shins, Simon & Garfunkel, The Who and heaps more (yes in alphabetical order... I copied this off my Facebook profile and I'm a little crazy).

Other interests: procrastinating on the internet, reading, cycling

I need to do more, but I ain't been sleeping



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Re: Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy...

My name is Vince. Im 36 years old, married & live in Sydney.

Did a Bachelor of Commerce many years ago and then went back for more punishment to complete my MBA at AGSM (University of NSW). My brain still hurts 2 years after graduating! Currently working as a Management Consultant.

First album: Midnight Oil ; 10 - 1 (1982) on cassette

First major gig: Midnight Oil, Sydney Ent Cent 1990 (front row - baptism of fire!)

First YAI gig: Enmore Theatre 1997 (Victor Trumper Tour)

Best YAI gig: Hopetoun Hotel - Dec 2006

Stones or Beatles: Beatles for me.

Best gig ever: Any Oils gig, many YAI gigs, Wilco at the Enmore 2007, AC/DC Sydney Ent Cent 2001

Favourite Album Ever: Photo finish between Hourly Daily & AC/DC Back in Black

Other favourite bands: Oils, Wilco, Living End, AC/DC, Gurus, Hunnas, silverchair, The Who

Other Interests: Rugby league (long suffering Manly fan), cricket, rock gigs, mountain bike riding




From: Bizzos
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Re: Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy...

simple cut/paste job here

Steve here, 20 and from that wonderful hub of culture in the southern suburbs of Sydney that is the Sutherland Shire. Am currently completing an electrical apprenticeship which i hate and will probably quit once i get the TAFE qualification and i will head over to America for my Dream trans-american roadtrip and then come back and maybe head to uni or something else. Am keen on writing and would love to actually do that but ummmmmm yeah we all have dreams don't we....
Oh btw you guys heard it here, if I'm still pulling cables in 5-10 years I give one of you guys permission to shoot me, nothing against the trade but its not for me

First album: 5ive and the monkees, no joke when i was pretty young, bought on the same day

First major gig: Red Hot Chilli peppers californication tour

Got into "cool" music: not by JJJ actually but I used to have a group of "net" mates I used to talk to on msn all the time and it was from there, I was way MMM before that, opened up a new world

Got into You Am I: pretty late, after the cricket ad actually, i wanted to know who the hell it was

First YAI gig: Enmore Theatre after convicts

Best YAI gig: Hopetoun Hotel myspace thing cause of how awesome it was, also the metro 06 i think or 07 but one of the later metro gigs

Best gig ever: Wilco in 07 was just the single greatest thing i've ever seen, also Okkervil this year was musical perfection

Favourite Album Ever: Hourly Daily, Born to Run probably

Other favourite bands: Wilco, Okkervil, Supergrass, Radiohead,  and then just a fuckload more from the old days, new days, hip hop blah blah blah

Other Interests: pretty big fan of the ever so successful Sharks aswell as Pompey in premier league, watch way too many movies to the extent there is nothing left for me at my local video store left too watch, no matter how obscure, i'd love to get into the industry as a writer one day

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Re: Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy...

hello i'm lish, 27 and taking baby steps towards getting my doctorate. having dr in front of my name will be the coolest thing i've ever done, i can't wait for that moment. my academic interest is primarily in cultural & media theory but i like political economy as well.

most of my time is spent being lazy & taking care of my rabbit to be honest. i like art (photography/collage/digital stuff) films/downloading trashy tv ('gossip girl'/'skins'/'footballer$ wives'), baking, online shopping, annoying my friends, reading, etc.

as a kid i loved the b-52's, crowded house, madonna, U2 and pop like debbie gibson and new kids on the block. jane's addiction got me out of my bad pop phase but nirvana's "never mind" album changed everything, as cliché & annoying as it is. music stopped being something i passively listened to and became something i could identify with. it can be annoying because sometimes i'd like to just be able to listen to a song without dissecting it or associating it with some past event in my life.

my favorite band is hole and their album "live through this" is my favorite. some genres i love are new wave, jazz, alt-rock, grunge, electronic, hip-hop, trip-hop, punk, reggae, ska, r&b/soul. not very keen on folk, country, metal but i'll listen to it.

i don't have a most memorable gig (i'd like to think that can only be answered when i'm old & hard of hearing) but the first time i saw you am i was definitely one i couldn't shut up about. i don't think i stopped smiling for a fucking week after - of course i wanted to see them immediately again but! for the moment my favorite you am i album is "hi fi way"... i'm so indecisive. next month it could be "hourly, daily".




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Re: Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy...

Heylo! Rhiannon here.

I'm in year 10 in highschool in Newcastle. I plan on going all the way to year 12 and once I'm done, I'm going to uni (don't know where yet). I'm going to be a professional artist but to earn some real cash I want to be a journalist. I used to do taekwondo but it's purely for self-defence purposes- I'm not into beating the shit out of people just because I feel like it. I don't drink, smoke or dabble in any drugs (not even prescriptions- they taste like side effects)- the worst thing I do is swear. I've been drawing ever since I could pick up a biro as i used to draw on the walls as a kid. I'm in A-stream at school (smart kids) and I'm really fucking sick of it as the teachers use it was an excuse to drum our arses into line when it's really not necessary. 
I like drawing pictures of You Am I, purely because I admire the shit out of them and it's better than drawing bloody fruit bowls all the time. They're all great to draw as they have these brilliant defining facial features (Tim has the great nose and chin, Davey has magnificent cheekbones and lips, Andy's chin's great and Russ has brilliant cheeks) plus they're not really pretentious in any way which is what I'm looking for when I draw people. They're cool about it all as well- they signed one of my artbooks!
I'm also writing a piece called the Bunker and it's all about life, love and finding out what both mean when you're in the middle of absolute chaos. But anyway, here are my stats:

First album: So Fresh Hits of Winter 2001 (I was 8 for chrissakes!)

First major gig: The Offspring when they toured Oz in 04 I think. Managed to scream out 'Bitch' to a crowd of many when they went silent in the middle of Get A Job.

First YAI gig: Sonic Bloom in the Northern Beaches, Jan 4th last year. Also first time I snuck backstage. Totally awesome despite shitty electrics.

Best YAI gig: VB Shed, April 4th last year. Got my artbook signed plus was in the second row in the centre. Also met Kelly there.

Stones or Beatles: 80% Stones, 20% Beatles. I grew up with the Stones, plus their tunes are a lot angrier and sexier.

Best gig ever: They're divided into 3 groups- the best YAI one is the VB Shed, the best non YAI one is a tie between the Police and U2 and the best recent one is my Dad's 40th, where 3 bands played and it was totally awesome.

Favourite Album Ever: Again, 2 groups. Best non YAI one is Forty Licks by the Stones and there is no best YAI one- they're all good in my book.

Other favourite bands: Basically everything You Am I related (Temperance Union, TnT, The Pictures, The Wrights), The Stones, the Who, Queen, Tex, Don and Charlie, Cruel Sea, Police, (some) U2, Akka Dakka, Sex Pistols, the Clash, The Darkness (god rest it's freaky falsetto soul), Hayseed Dixie, Green Day, The Foxboro Hottubs, End of Fashion, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Franz Ferdinand, The Stranglers, the Stooges, Gorillaz, INXS, Midnight Oil, Jet, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bob Dylan, John Butler Trio, the Kinks, Cat Stevens, Wolfmother, Powderfinger, The White Stripes, Black Crowes, Suzi Q, Little Birdy, MGF, Fleetwood Mac (To some degree, the one song that pisses me off is the one I got my name from....),  Matchbox 20, Kiss, Frank Zappa, Offspring, Something for Kate, and the entire soundtrack to Team America and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Other Interests:

Art (making it, not talking about it. Art History is so boring)
Literature (the funny stuff)

I like drawing, writing, listening to music, hanging out, playing with my dog (he's a mischeivous maltese shih-tzu cross for all the dog-lovers out there), reading, stirring people up for my own sick benefit, bitching about politics, arguing why Tim Rogers is the greatest frontman ever lived, looking for material to write about, going to gigs, swimming, shopping, playing and paying attention to my xbox and just being completely bone-idle.

Rolling Stone Magazine: Is there a tall poppy syndrome here?
Tim Rogers: Darling, I'm too intoxicated with poppies to notice.




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Re: Getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy...

My name is Michael. I'm 26 and live in Adelaide.

I'm a bit of a wannabe-hippy really. I don't buy into the Western modern lifestyle, but I don't live in a commune either. I'm torn between what is expected of me and what I really want. I won't bore you really. Lets just say that I'm a minimalist.

I'm university educated, and got my degree, but would have happily dropped out in the name of persuing music which I was too gutless or pre-occupied to persue.

Music has always been my thing. I love all sorts and play a few instruments (not amazingly). Too many favourite artists to list, ranging from rock to jazz. Cobain and Coltrane are probably the greaters influences ever though.

One of my best mates and I recently made a pact to start jamming... it helps that he's a drummer. Something we as friends can enjoy conceiving, and then playing is all I care about. It's refreshing, and I can't wait to just get drunk and go for it. Yeah, I'm an alcoholic, but who isn't here.

Man, my shih-tzu just died a few weeks ago. She was a pure-bred though and was my rock since age 15. Devastating. She was the most beautiful girl in the world. You have dogs which you love and all, but they're just "dogs"... she however almost had human emotions, it was uncanny and I miss her to bits.

Yeah well, I'm drunk, but you all seem pretty cool to me.

Ooh, forgot my most favouritist gig. It was definitely Trail Of Dead at Music House (now Fowlers Live) in Adelaide 2002. They were touring with Mogwai, promoting Source Tags and Codes. Amazing album, but, they really lost my interest after that sad

First gig was Offspring/Living End in 1997... don't laugh please.

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