idiot box
World In A Box : Dialogue
Idiot Box I : You Am I
Cats And Dogs : You Am I
Mad : Dialogue - Stephen Rae/Susan Prior
Degenerate Boy : The Mark Of Cain
The Bullshit Never Ends : Hoss
Penicillin : Snout
My Pal : Magic Dirt
Idiot Box II : You Am I
Quiet Poem : Dialogue - Ben Mendelsohn/Jeremy Sims
Halo : Crow
Gasoline For Two : You Am I
Love In Motion : Snout
Simple Love : Hoss
Pub Poem : Dialogue - Jeremy Sims/Susie Porter
Television Addict : You Am I
Second Language : Crow
Winter Salsa : Hoss
Hindsight : The Mark Of Cain
Idiot Box III : You Am I

Soundtrack to the 1997 Australian comedy Idiot Box, which stars Ben Menelsohn and Jeremy Sims as westies Kev and Mick. The soundtrack was produced by Tim Rogers and Nick Launay, and Tim was also responsible for choosing the bands and some of the classic Aussie covers that appear on the album.

"David (Caesar, writer/director) contacted me through some insidious little racket and showed me the draft of the script." explains Tim. "We talked a bit over a couple in a pub in Leichhardt. I sent a couple of bands a copy of the script, told them who was involved and they all jumped at it. Either it was a mixture of respect for the people doing the film, or they wanted to see their names on credits. And all the bands get on personally as well. It was a friendly little project."

Rather than choose the obvious westie athems from bands such as AC/DC, The Angels or Cold Chisel, Tim wanted to cover lesser known Aussie Rock gems. "Songs that didn't really make it past 500 singles at your local indie rock store. And songs that were what the characters were about."

Tim talks about the songs:

"Well Degenerate Boy was an X song. X was a band from Sydney in the late '70s early '80s, a very aggressive three piece and a huge influence on Mark of Cain - and You Am I, actually. I suggested the X song and John (from MoC) said they loved it. It is just a classic song. You Am I have wanted to do it for a while but have never got off our arse to do it."

"There was a song on the last Hoss record called The Bullshit Never Ends, which was the first song that I knew had to be on the record. I kinda wanted it to be the central theme for the film, because it fits in so perfectly. The filmmakers didn't actually agree; I wish it had a bigger part in the film. And I just think that Joel (Silbisher) is one of the more talented singers, rhythm guitarists and composers in the land basically."

"My Pal is a classic God song. That was the only song that I didn't have a lot of involvement with, I had to be in America when Magic Dirt did that. So we just talked a little at a pub and (co-producer) Nick Launey went down and did it with them."

"Love in Motion is, of course, an old Icehouse song, which Ross from Snout really wanted to do. Television Addict was by The Victims - Dave Faulkner from the Hoodoo Gurus' first band. Simply on of the great early Australian punk rock singles. Second Language was by a band called Tactics, an early '80s new wave band from around Sydney, which Crow perform. Simple Love (covered by Hoss) is by The Saints, and then You Am I do a Beasts of Bourbon song, and a few other things that will probably end up as B-sides."

Degenerate Boy by The Mark Of Cain was the only single released from the album and You Am I cover The Beasts Of Bourbon track Dropout as the B-side.

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