Soundtrack Success

Tim Rogers, frontman for the legendary You Am I, has produced the soundtrack to the new Australian film Dirty Deeds.

The soundtrack features a combination of Rogers' compositions and covers of late-60s Australian rock classics by acts such as Bernard Fanning, Tex Perkins, Grinspoon and the Powder Monkeys.

Squinting into the early morning sun after drinking with his mother until 3am the night before, a jovial Rogers told me about the process of recording the new album: "You can get lost and self-indulgent when you're making your own records. But, as someone who needs some direction, this is really good because it's like you're an employee of the film."

With so much undue praise being heaped upon bands like The Strokes and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, does Rogers feel cheated that You Am I have been essentially ignored because they were ahead of their time?
"Yeah, possibly. But it's not an angry thing. If we had broken a couple of years and became massive, it would have been terrible.

"When you become famous, you stop being the observer and become the observed. In some ways, playing for a hundred people in a room in some distant country, and they all love you, is a greater feeling than being massively famous."

The Dirty Deeds soundtrack is out on July 1, while the new You Am I album Deliverance, is slated for August 26.