FILMINK finds out which movies rock your favourite musicians’ worlds


Do you have any favourite movies off the top of your head?
“I love The Son’s Room - it’s beautiful. And I love Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums. I think Wes Anderson is pretty special. Without being a tool, Bicycle Thief was really amazing. I find that impossibly beautiful, and I tend to get quite weepy in films. I’m not gonna pull out Steel Magnolias or anything though…”

Do you have favourite actors where you try and see most of their films?
“John Cassavetes was pretty good looking. I guess I do - it’s a good way to go. Tex Perkins and I got into a discussion about Bill Murray the other day, so anything he kind of touches is great.”

I’ve read that your wife Rocio is a big movie fan. Do you watch a lot of movies?
“I don’t, but she does. So I kind of do. I haven’t got a lot of patience though, but we try to go and see things. We’ve got our daughter Ruby now, but if we were both 26, we’d probably see more. Rocio’s just very literate, and she knows how to dissect things in film and I find that really, really interesting. I love watching films with her. She can point out what good direction is and isn’t and she can explain the film pretty well, where as I just go ‘uhh, you know. I liked it. The colours were pretty."

Do you get a lot of videos out?
“Not a lot actually, and once again it’s that attention thing. I flit around and I find it difficult to sit down sometimes.”

What about Aussie films?
“Breaker Morant. Puberty Blues. Malcolm. Spotswood. Anything Ben Mendelsohn is involved in too - I find him impossible to ignore.”

What about rock movies?
“Well, Gimme Shelter is pretty awesome, but I think the Joe Cocker tour film Mad Dogs & Englishman is probably the best. I think that’s the best rock film I’ve ever seen - it’s just an outstanding rock film.”

If it’s better than Gimme Shelter it must be pretty good…
“Gimme Shelter has some great things going on, but as far as a free spirited rock and roll film, Mad Dogs & Englishmen just takes the friggin’ cake.”

Are there any actors that you really don’t like?
“Well, Hugh Grant’s pretty obnoxious. Rocio, for all her esteemed taste, has watched Mickey Blue Eyes about thirty times; she just finds it really hilarious. So, I like to kinda hold onto the hope that someone’s going to do something good eventually. I never understood Joseph Cotton for a long while. But then when I saw The Third Man I thought ‘oh, OK’. But I really thought he was kind of, I didn’t get it…”

I think Orson Welles must bring out the best in him…
“Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, I really loved Best In Show and Waiting For Guffman as well. Oh, and anything Pedro Almodovar’s done. He’s kind of like part of the family now, because Rocio’s sister is his production designer and production assistant, so it’s been really amazing to see it from that perspective. His new film Hable con ella is just outstanding, and has to be the best thing he’s ever done. I’d put All About My Mother right up there, it’s one of my favourites for sure, and Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown. His new one is just achingly beautiful. The music’s drop dead too.”