#4 Record
Rating: 8/10

Of their many charms, one of the sweetest things about You Am I is the way their albums have shown another side to the dynamic power-three-pack action you get from them live. Hi Fi Way and Hourly, Daily remain two of the finest and most delicate slabs of plastic prodused by a local band this decade, perhaps ever. With their #4 Record, You Am I has turned everything upside down, inside out.

This is the livest and rockiest You Am I has sounded in the studio since their raw Sound As Ever debut. One imagines the intent was for the music to have a more direct impact on listeners.

The effect is quite the opposite.

It takes several spins for the pub rock veneer of the production to dissipate and the beauty of Tim Rogers' gifted songwriting abilities to surface through the noise. As we've com to expect, the songs are indeed as sound as ever (the ballad Heavy Heart with it's dour observation "I'm like a water-logged ball that no one wants to kick around any more" is simply brilliant) and the playing exceptional. That said, you still get the feeling that a few years down the line, it's #2 or #3 you'll be reaching for off the shelf before ever contemplating picking up #4.