dress me slowly
Rating: 4/5

ROCK is dead, long live rock. Pete Townshend wrote that, when Tim Rogers was still in nappies. The fact that the phrase retains its currency after 30 years indicates theories about the demise of the rock'n'roll band have been off the mark.

Somehow, somewhere, people with ragged voices and hearts full of soul find a way to flourish against the odds, in competition with this year's hypes and pretty faces.
In Australia, none have done it better in the past 10 years than You Am I and Dress Me Slowly finds them full of fight, whether it be on the sunny mid-paced strummer Beautiful Girl or the slow-burning Damage , both of which underline Rogers' strengths as a lyricist.

Yep, they can still crank up those pulse-raising rockers ( Get Up, Satisfied Mind ), but it's the confident splash of colours on the palette that make this a keeper.

And unlike so many CDs that begin with a bang and swiftly fade, this one concludes with five killer tracks. Check out the sublime folk-rocker Weeds and the Mott the Hoople-esque End O' the Line for proof that the flame is still burning bright.