HOURLy, Daily
Rating: 10/10

The Americans continue their pursuit of fashion and attempting credibility through angst and the British spin dizzily trying to be original, You Am I go quietly about their magnificent trade without pretension or fanfare.

Hourly, Daily is an introspective piece of art. It's etched by Tim Rogers with wry thoughts and observations of life in and beside the real world and set against the backdrop of the carved and beautifully battered city that forms some semblance of a home town for them. It's caustic, downbeat and heavy with sentiment. It's about backyards and neighbours and walks down the old streets. The rhythm section is stark one moment then snarling the next. The vocals go from plaintive whisper to bloodcurdling scream.

Rarely does a band touch an audience the way You Am I continue to prove they can.

Every other reviewer in the country was right.