Sound As Ever

An intermittently strong collection from Sydney-based grungesters, recorded in Minnesota and New York. This is the first album from the band, and should result in them building on the already hefty fan
base generated after four EPs, the last of which, `Coprolalia', was released in April this year.

This disc opens with the title track from that EP, and then ploughs on through a dozen more songs driven by the dirty grooves of Tim Rogers' guitar. Current indy radio favorite `Adam's Ribs' stands out as the choice cut, but several others, such as `Trainspottin'' and `Ordinary', also acquit themselves very nicely.

The band is at its weakest when attempting slower numbers, most of which suffer from curiously thin arrangements. When they crank the tempo up again, however, they easily redeem themselves and
demonstrate just why they are being touted in some quarters as the Next Big Thing for '94.